Claim a Top Prize in Cloudbet’s €500,000 Spinomenal Tournament


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Slot fans are truly spoiled when it comes to promos. Every casino has one in store, and it’s not just the promotions. In fact, all kinds of tournaments are available too. Whether it’s network promotions or separate casino tournaments, you stand to win loads of money from the big prize pools. That’s the case with Cloudbet’s latest Spinomenal tournament where the prize pool is a cool €500,000.

From September 28, 2023 to February 28, 2024, there’s a lot to pay for in this tournament. You will need to opt in to this promotion and place a minimum bet, then accumulate points based on the highest multiplier. Climb the table higher and higher and you’ll never forget this phenomenal adventure.

The Gaming Event of the Year

Cloudbet is calling this tournament the gaming event of the year and it’s not wrong. Available on Spinomenal’s biggest hits, you’re in for a truly wild ride. You’ll experience the thrill of seven tournament rounds, with each one offering a massive prize pool. The total sits at €500,000, which is more than what we’ve seen other tournaments offer.

In order to play, players must be logged-in and must opt in. Once you’re in, you’ll see the available games on the tournament’s main page. Choose which one you want to play for real money, then bet a minimum of €0.20. Play the game and have fun. The system will calculate points based on the multiplies you hit. The more multipliers you hit, the higher your positions on the leaderboard.

It isn’t anything new. We’ve seen these multiplier tournaments many times before. It’s still a thrill to participate, of course, and with a long way to go from the end, it’s worth a ride. Engage with the top Spinomenal hits, climb the leaderboard, and enjoy the money you win.

The seven tournaments in question are:

Holiday Spirits
Wealth Seekers
Santa’s Gifts
New Year Luck
Winter Fortunes
and Festival of Love

You don’t need to do anything in order to take part in each. They are available automatically, lasting for a week or a few each starting from September 28. A total of 250 winners are reserved for each of the phases. Only completed rounds will count toward the promotion.

Terms and Conditions

The tournament is available on most of Spinomenal’s slot games. Around a dozen are excluded, including Winners Gold, African Rampage, Tennis Champion’s, Women’s Day, Kitsune Scrolls Expanded Edition, Ded Moroz, Story of Hercules 15 lines, 100 Lucky Chillies, 40 Lucky Fruits, 88 Fortune Cats, Snegurochka, and all 1-reel games.

You must place a bet of at least €0.20 to participate. Each win will reward a certain number of points by the formula amount won/amount wagered x100. The more points you collect, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll climb.

During the Super Rounds which are announced previously, players can win double the usual points. You can see how much money you stand to win on the leaderboard. All prizes are paid within 72 hours, and are wager-free.

Author: John Jackson