Enjoy a Thrilling Ride with Bitcasino’s Crash Games


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The online gambling industry always comes up with exciting new ways to engage players. Games are being constantly updated and new creative games are also introduced every couple of years or so. In the past few years, crash games have become a true hit. These instant games are developed for the crypto gaming community, although they can be played with fiat money currencies and for fun too at Bitcasino.io

Crash games are closely linked to the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies. Their gameplay reflects the crypto volatility and shows how important it is to cash out on time.

What Are Crash Games?

Crash games are the latest hit in the iGaming industry. In general, these instant games have a plane or aviator—or some other elements—which is going up and taking the multiplier with it, but can crash out to Earth/disappear from the screen at any point. The objective of these games is to cash out before the multiplier leaves the screen. Or crashes down to Earth, but you get how it works.

Spribe is a pioneer in these games, and you can find many of them available at Bitcasino.io. Aviator is the perfect showcase for the mechanics. The main role is played by a big red old-school plane which flies across the screen while taking the multiplier up. You’ll wait anxiously to click on the screen and confirm the cashout. The plane can crash down at any point, so make sure your fingers work fast.

In the beginning, most crash games imitated Aviator. There was Spaceman, JetX, Crash, and Crash Evolution, all with more or less similar gameplay. However, as the popularity of crash games at Bitcasino rose, so did interest among developers. Today, the crash portfolio is more diverse than ever, giving players a chance to play exciting crash games for free or with crypto.

Bitcasino.io’s game lobby is fleshed out with crash games of all types. Spribe is one of the most popular developers and behind some of the biggest hits, but it’s not the only one. Smartsoft, OneTouch, Turbo Games, and even Pragmatic Play have set out to develop crash games in recent times, so the industry is more competitive than ever.

Which Crash Games I Should Try?

We already said that Bitcasino’s lobby is filled with the best crash games you can try. If you’re new to these games, we strongly suggest starting with the featured ones on top. Those include Crash Duel X, Big Bass Crash, Spaceman, Aviator, Cash Galaxy, and JetX. All these games are available for free so you can try them out and learn more about the mechanics.

Try one, and you’ll get how they work quickly. Crash games are neither hard to play nor they require technical expertise. You can rest assured you’ll have plenty of fun with these games, and more often than not, their winning potential is truly solid.

There might not be a bonus free spins round, but the action is rewarding. If you’re looking for a new game type to try, head to Bitcasino.io’s crash games lobby – you won’t be disappointed.

Author: John Jackson