Save in the Piggy Bank and Win Big Cash with bitStarz’s Piggy Bank Promo


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Let’s speak the truth – we’ve all had a piggy bank or two that have only saw one thing in their short life – the drop of a hammer. The people who have managed to fill a piggy bank are counting cash now, but you can do it too, albeit virtually, at bitStarz casino. The popular gaming site is all about offering exciting promos to its players, and the Piggy Bank promo lets you grow one before you break it with a hammer.

Available right now with no promo period, the piggy bank promo lets you earn cash by playing your favorite games. You’ll have a virtual hammer to break it from time to time, but not all attempts will be successful.

Save for Real with the Piggy Bank

The casino’s golden piggy bank can be filled with loads of extra cash. You can grow it yourself by simply playing your favorite games. There are no restrictions regarding the titles. However, the more you bet, the faster your piggy will grow. This is a promotion that will obviously appeal to regular players. They play games in the casino every day either way, so why not save up for a bit more cash?

From time to time, you will receive special hammers. However, not all of them will break the piggy bank. You may come across one with a red star, though, and that will be the hammer that takes the piggy down. Remember – it will grow fuller with every bet you make. Once the hammer drops, you’re free to claim the cash inside. And get this – you only need to wager it once to keep it forever.

The terms state that all piggy banks will need to be smashed within 30 days. But, you still have ample time to fill out the piggy bank in a month and get a nice reward. If you don’t do it, your progress and the damage done to the piggy bank (by the unworthy hammers) will be forfeited. In short, you’ll have to start all over again, and it wouldn’t be that great to lose all your saved money.

What Can You Play at bitStarz?

There are no restrictions regarding the piggy bank promo at bitStarz. All you have to do is play regularly – that’ll give you a chance to fill up the piggy bank al the way to the top. Make sure to use the hammers you get randomly. Not all of them will break it, and the damage done to the piggy bank will count.

As one of the top crypto casinos on the market, bitStarz has all the games you can think of. It’s powered by the biggest studios out there, and has the latest and greatest online slots in the industry. It’s a generous casino too with all the available promotions besides the piggy bank, so we’re sure you’ll find something in the lobby. Check out the front page – that’s where all the hits are, so you may find a slot to enjoy and fill the piggy bank.

Author: John Jackson